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TNO is there for everyone

At TNO, we believe that everyone should be able to be themselves and have the same opportunities to develop, regardless of their background, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities and limitations, beliefs, etc.

Every day, we make a real effort to create a working environment where everyone is part of the team and feels included. In doing so, we provide the space for diversity that is crucial for successful innovation.

By bringing together people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and ideas, we are more creative and innovative, have a bigger impact, make better decisions and perform better in the long run. In this way, we contribute to the world of tomorrow together.

Diverse and inclusive organisation

TNO demonstrates that it is a diverse and inclusive organisation in various ways:

  • At TNO, we communicate in Dutch and English, depending on the situation. We offer courses to those who want to improve their Dutch or English.
  • When recruiting new talent, TNO aims for more cultural diversity. This enriches our research and gives us more opportunities in a larger international market. Did you know that about 30% of our junior scientists are non-Dutch nationals?
  • Also, 31% of our staff are women, and the percentage of women at TNO is increasing. Through mentoring and the Female Leadership Programme, we actively support female colleagues in achieving their ambitions. Currently, women hold half of the senior management positions at TNO (this includes Supervisory Board members, Executive Board members and Directors).
  • We are proud of our D&I communities, set up by TNO colleagues, which give extra support to female colleagues, internationals and the LGBTQIA+ community at TNO.
  • Starting in 2022, our employee satisfaction survey will also measure the extent to which TNO staff feel accepted, experience equal treatment and consider TNO a diverse organisation. We will use the findings from the survey on these aspects to set goals and make agreements at all levels of the organisation.
  • At TNO, you can follow a training course that highlights D&I issues. Upon request, we give courses for management and employees on how to deal with unconscious bias. In 2022, we will pay extra attention to inclusive leadership.

This is how we have organised D&I

Within TNO, diversity and inclusion gain visibility from the workplace through various theme groups (Policy and Strategy; Communication; Knowledge and Measurement; Processes and Activities) and ambassadors ([email protected], [email protected] and cultural diversity group). These are discussed within the Board of Directors in consultation with the D&I officer. In addition, the ambassadors and colleagues from the D&I team also provide direct support and feedback on certain themes to the Board of Directors.

Strategy 2022-2025

At TNO, diversity and inclusion is more than a project or programme. It is part of the TNO strategy for 2022-2025 and is embedded in the organisation.

We are proud to have a D&I Board, chaired by the chair of the Executive Board. A D&I officer has been appointed to create a diverse and inclusive culture and raise awareness. The D&I project group supports her in the implementation of the D&I policy. And our D&I forum, a cross-section of the organisation, contributes ideas on D&I policy and its implementation. In this way, we are constantly working together to make TNO an even better place to work.

TNO’s gender equality plan

Find out more about what we do at TNO to increase and safeguard gender equality: within the organisation, in our research and in society through our innovations.

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Mission and strategy

Dr. Helma van den Berg

  • D&I Officer


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