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In this press kit you will find information, pictures and films about de GCDC 2016, the i-Game project and about the parties involved.

With the i-GAME project with the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016 (GCDC 2016) in Helmond  in the Netherlands on 28 and 29 May the first steps are taken towards European standardization communication and interaction for automated driving. GCDC 2016 is an international cooperative driving competition, combining vehicle automation (self-driving) and the interaction and communication between infrastructure and vehicles of different brands and types. GCDC 2016 is part of the international i-GAME (Interoperable GCDC AutoMation Experience) project supported by the European Commission. i GAME combines research and demonstrations of interoperable, standardized vehicle–vehicle and vehicle–infrastructure communication using applied research. See also

Declaration of Amsterdam

The participants in the i-GAME project – TNO, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Viktoria of Sweden and IDIADA of Spain – are working together to accelerate the development of cooperative and autonomous driving and the standardization of communication systems and channels. On 14 April the transport ministers of the 28 EU member states reached agreement on the ‘Declaration of Amsterdam’, dealing with the required steps and rules for the development of self-driving technology in Europe. GCDC 2016 is part of an integrated plan to strengthen the position of the Brainport region and the Netherlands in the field of cooperative automated driving. Brainport is one of Europe’s most prominent and innovative high-tech centers.

Visit the GCDC

The GCDC will be open to the public on Saturday 28 May from 11.00 – 19.00 hours. As an important part of the Dutch Technology Week on the Automotive Campus in Helmond there will be a special ‘High-tech Discovery Route’ with activities for people of all ages. On Sunday 29 May the GCDC will be held from 13.30 - 17.30 hours for mobility experts and will be closed on Monday 30 May with an international I GAME congress at TU Eindhoven.

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