Cash Infusion For Photonics-Focused Biosensor Start-up

Rotterdam-based Delta Diagnostics lands seed round from PhotonDelta & TNO Investment will help bring its biosensor system to the market faster • 14 Jul 2022

Biosensor R&D start-up Delta Diagnostics has received a seed investment from two leading innovators: research organization TNO – The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research – and PhotonDelta, an ecosystem of photonic chip technology organizations. This investment enables Delta Diagnostics to further develop and validate its biosensor systems in preparation for a Series A investment round later this year.

A specialist in instrumentation for life science research and diagnostic test development, Delta Diagnostics was spun out from TNO’s optics department in 2018 after a decade of research.

Typically, medical & life sciences instruments are very expensive and can only detect one or a few biomolecules at the same time. However, Delta Diagnostic’s biosensor technology uses photonic chips to detect up to 16 biomolecules simultaneously, with an instrument that is much more affordable.

Plans with the funding

Bart de Boer, CTO and co-founder of Delta Diagnostics, has firm plans for the seed funding:

"This investment enables us to further develop and validate our photonic biosensor system. The next step is to move from prototype to serial-producible product. We believe that our technology will ultimately result in new, more reliable, diagnostic tests that are developed at reduced time and cost."

TNO Technology Transfer Programme

Hans Boumans, director of technology transfer at TNO, was equally enthusiastic:

“Delta Diagnostics is a great example of how TNO’s Technology Transfer Programme continues to accelerate market adoption. The start-up’s ambition is a prime example of an organisation successfully delivering high tech that advances society, stimulates business and creates new jobs.”

Photonic chips for biosensing

As an ecosystem that researches, designs, develops, and manufactures solutions with integrated photonics technology, PhotonDelta provides funding to support start-ups like Delta Diagnostics, as Pieter Klinkert, Fund Manager at PhotonDelta, explains:

"We see great opportunities for biosensing instruments based on photonic chips, as the healthcare industry needs faster and cheaper solutions to diagnose patients. That’s why it makes sense that we support Delta Diagnostics in their next steps to validate and commercialise their products.’’

Currently, the international photonics market is worth €7.3 billion euros with the Netherlands being a leading light in the technology’s development.

Delta Diagnostics’s technology is already being used at several universities and companies. As further funding is secured, the company’s aim is to build on this thriving customer base.


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