Egon Janssen

Egon Janssen

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Egon Janssen

Egon Janssen is Manager Greenhouse horticulture at TNO. In this function he is a broker between innovation needs of growers, suppliers and TNO’s experts. The main drivers of Egon Janssen are a broad interest in technology, the ability of making connections between people and a lot of enthusiasm. After finishing his Msc Structural engineering in 1998 he started his career at TNO. Remarkable projects are Greenhouse of the future, presented on the Floriade 2002, the development of a Food production unit for use on MARS (2004) and the development of energy indicators to reduce energy use of greenhouses. In 2004 he formed the greenhouse horticulture team within TNO, combining all relevant technologies (greenhouse structure, water technology, energy, light, CO2, ICT, Robotics and logistics). To make an easy entry to the knowledge of TNO he founded the Fieldlab greenhouse horticulture in 2007. This facility, nowadays known as World Horti Centre is a marketplace for innovation where growers, suppliers and TNO meet and discuss innovations. In greenhouse units new technologies are demonstrated on small scale, where after research and development projects are started. In 2017 he started a strategic partnership with Hortivation. TNO is developing new knowledge and transfers this to the companies associated with Hortivation.

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