Kay Cesar

Program coordinator Advanced Solar Parks and Horticulture

As program lead Advanced Solar Parks at TNO (former ECN) and chair of the Dutch National Consortium Solar on Land, I help to shape the future of solar parks in the Netherlands. If you take a look at the current solar parks, you notice that there is much improvement possible in terms of landscape integration, biodiversity and soil quality and the combination with agriculture and horticulture. The challenge is to find new designs and technology that make solar parks acceptable to our societal needs as well as to make them profitable. Also grid integration plays an important role. It is very rewarding to integrate the technology in our society that I helped to develop in lab in the last 20 years.


Westerduinweg 3
1755 LEĀ Petten

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P.O. Box 15
NL-1755 ZG Petten

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