Mark van Ommen

Business developer circular construction and infrastructure

Mark is best described as a passionate professional who gets energy from pursuing circular and sustainable goals together with colleagues and peers. That synergy and the tireless effort and dedication of all parties are his key motivations on the journey to a circular economy.

With an MBA degree in engineering as the foundation and expertise in building materials, contracting and project development, Mark can also rely on his broad experience working in different company cultures and as an independent professional. “My greatest interests in my career are working with people and thinking in solutions”.

Mark’s primary focus as a business developer in the infrastructure and construction industries is on circularity and sustainability. Key questions he seeks answers to include: How can we build enough affordable housing that is also circular and sustainable? and How can we facilitate and monitor circularity and sustainability in the infrastructure sector? He works closely with businesses and governments to tackle the major challenges and identify applicable, feasible and affordable solutions that can help achieve the circular goals.


Princetonlaan 6
NL-3584 CB Utrecht

Postal address

P.O. Box 80015
NL-3508 TA Utrecht