Merijn Voets

Senior Business Developer, Space & Scientific Instrumentation

Contact me to connect with the right TNO expert to address your challenges in high-tech (free-form) optical components, including coatings and (sub)systems, laser satellite communication and more.

I create new business opportunities and partnerships in space and optics manufacturing. I am also active in laser satellite communication and space industry, and am eager to build relationships between TNO experts and industry specialists.

I stimulate relationships that support the optics manufacturing industry with new product developments and industrialisation, as well as make optimal use of TNO technology and processes. I encourage the involvement of the (Dutch) industry in the industrialisation and recurring production of space modules, and ensure that the latest TNO technology is utilised to its full capacity.

Delft - Stieltjesweg

Stieltjesweg 1
NL-2628 CK Delft

Postal address

P.O. Box 155
NL-2600 AD Delft