Olaf Adan

Professor (Bio)physical Processes in Porous Media

My research focusses on understanding the physics of transport and phase changes in complex permeable media as to better engineer materials for a sustainable society, including ​materials for energy storage and ​technological porous materials​.

Recent results

The supply of sustainable solar and wind energy is unreliable. Sometimes there is excess supply, and sometimes there is too little to meet demand – which is growing quickly. Storing energy when there is more than enough supply is a solution, but until recently the technology to do so was very inefficient.

In the summer of 2019 we announced an innovative heat battery developed jointly by TNO and the TU/e. This heat battery is efficient, compact, loss-free, affordable, and widely applicable, and ready for the market.

PhD supervision

  • Ruben Nicasy (Topsector HTSM)
  • Martina Laura Cotti (EU H2020)
  • Michaela Eberbach (NWO)
  • Natalia Mazur (NWO)
  • Jelle Houben (Topsector TKI)
  • Anja Herrmann (NWO)
  • Joey Aarts (NWO) • Shuwai Wang (MMIP)
  • Tim Raemaekers (Industry)
  • Vacancy (Topsector Energy)

Top publications

Eindhoven - High Tech Campus 25

High Tech Campus 25
NL-5656 AE Eindhoven

Postal address

P.O. Box 6235
NL-5600 HE Eindhoven