Pascal Buskens

Program manager

Pascal specializes in designing, manufacturing, characterizing and validating optical materials, coatings and films that interact in distinct ways with sunlight. The materials are mainly used in theĀ  photochemical and photoelectrochemical production of chemicals and fuels, as well as for regulating sunlight transmission through windows and for improving the efficiency and aesthetics of integrated solar panels in buildings.

The research field on which Pascal concentrates relates to a number of TNO programmes. The Sustainable Buildings programme at the Brightlands Materials Centre, for instance, focuses on developing optical coatings and polymeric foils on windows to make buildings more energy efficient. Another fascinating project is the research on the potential of natural sunlight as an energy source for the photoelectrochemical production of hydrogen.

Pascal holds degrees from the University of Oxford and RWTH Aachen University, majoring in organic chemistry, technical chemistry and macromolecular chemistry. Next to his position as principal scientist at TNO, Pascal is part-time visiting professor at Hasselt University (BE).

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