Piet Warnaar

Senior Business Developer

Piet Warnaar is a civil engineer and specialist in the wind energy sector. His specialisms are onshore and offshore wind, wind farm design and contracting, due diligence. Piet Warnaar has 40 years of experience.

Piet Warnaar is a senior business developer/ consultant of TNO and an experienced engineer and project manager of onshore and offshore wind farms. He works for ECN since 2014. He is responsible for advice on engineering, contracting and construction management. As from 2006, he worked as a project manager construction of onshore and offshore wind farms, biomass plants and solar plants in Europe with a total capacity of 65 MWe and as foundation and cable installation package manager of offshore wind farm Belwind I (165 MW) in Belgium in the construction phase. From 2011 onwards Piet has worked on engineering, contracting and construction of several wind farms on land (approx. 170 MWe) and has been actively involved in multiple due diligences of onshore wind farms (80 MWe) and several offshore wind farms both in preparation (Gemini, 600 MWe) as well as under construction (Belwind, 165 MWe) and in the role of project director for grout repairs of Prinses Amalia offshore wind farm (120 MWe).


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