Richard Versluis

Principal Systems Engineer

Quantum technology is going through an important revolution. Now that we understand the finesses of quantum mechanics, we are harvesting its potential powers, by developing and improving technologies based on quantum mechanics. As the lead engineer quantum technology in QuTech, the advanced research center for quantum computing and quantum internet founded by TU Delft and TNO, I focus on bringing these new technologies to a higher application level, by solving issues like classical data processing limitations, thermal issues, material characterization and improvement, and scalability and reproducibility of these systems.

Recent results

At QuTech we work together with world leading companies in the quantum computing and quantum internet industry, such as Intel, Microsoft and important Dutch and European institutes and companies in this field, such as KPN, SurfSara, CWI, the universities of Leiden, Twente, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

On April 20, 2020 we launched Quantum Inspire, the first platform in Europe providing cloud-based quantum computing to two hardware chips. Next to a 5-qubit transmon processor, Quantum Inspire is the first platform in the world to provide online access to a fully programmable 2-qubit electron spin quantum processor.

PhD supervision

  • User Committee member of NWO project Scalable quantum computation at practical temperatures (14851)
  • User Committee member of NWO project Quantum operations on a 1024-Qubit Processor (916278)

Top publications

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