Sylvia van der Pal

Sylvia van der Pal

Research Scientist, PhD, Health Psychology
Sylvia van der Pal

My primary expertise lies in investigating the psychosocial impact of Child Health-related designs, particularly around childbirth, such as the long-term psychosocial impact of premature birth, the effects of baby massage, and the psychosocial impact of screening, such as the heel prick.

My particular interest lies in conducting participatory research, involving active participation from children, parents, or Child and Youth Health Care (JGZ) professionals as the target audience. For instance, collaborating with upper-level primary school students to explore how we can engage girls in Science & Technology and how we can use a robotic companion to assist students with psychosocial skills. Alternatively, working with JGZ professionals and parents to examine how parents can be more effectively involved in developmental assessments for children up to 4 years old.

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