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Re-watch webinars from 2020

Re-watch the webinars from 2020.

Webinar Heat pumps for decarbonising the industry

Heat pumps are an energy efficient electrification technology which are able to replace a large share of fossil fueled industrial process heating. To accelerate the implementation and further development of industrial heat pumps, TNO, together with seven other research institutes have prepared a whitepaper outlining the current status and steps needed to realise the decarbonisation potential of this technology.

Watch the webinar "Heat pumps for decarbonising the industry".

Webinar System integration: large scale wind energy to meet a CO2-free energy system

The TNO-vision is to realise 60GW at the Dutch part of the North Sea. That is much more power than is currently used as electric power in the Dutch energy system. How do we make sure that this fits and works?

An important solution is sector coupling and conversion and storage options connected to an offshore energy infrastructure to transport the large amounts of electricity and gas to the users on shore. This webinar will address the vision of implementing large scale offshore wind power, the required innovations and developments to overcome barriers and further reduce cost of energy and address the TNO-innovations in sector coupling to develop a thriving offshore wind sector.

Watch the webinar "Large scale wind energy to meet a CO2-free energy system".

Webinar: Air quality management using satellite data in Latin America

Air pollution causes millions of premature deaths every year and increases illness amongst the population. Climate change threatens food production, causes sea levels to rise and shifts weather patterns on a global scale. Can satellite data help decreasing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions? This is the central question during this TNO webinar.

Watch the webinar Air quality management using satellite data in Latin America".

Webinar Don't waste it - Solving the dark side of today's plastic

During the webinar “Don’t Waste it!” you will learn which systemic transition is needed to enable the sustainable production and use of circular plastics. You will get the latest insights into how the dark side of today’s plastics can be mitigated, which stakeholders need to act and what technologies are needed. 

Watch the webinar "Don't waste it".


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