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Rewatch webinars of 2021

Rewatch the webinars of 2021.

Webinar: Innovations in solar energy technologies

Solar energy is affordable and reliable due to innovations and economy of scale, and through standardization. Over the last 20 years the conversion efficiency has been doubled while the cost has been reduced by a factor of about 20. However, there is still much more to be gained by further technology development on the following aspects:

  • Higher power density and energy yield (more energy per m2) at lower cost
  • Improved spatial and environmental integration: attractive, barely visible, eco-positive photovoltaics
  • Sustainability: end-of-life strategies, application of earth abandon materials

Watch the webinar"Innovations in solar energy technologies".

Webinar: in vitro microbiome and ex vivo intestinal models for gut health

Watch the webinar where we introduce our latest developments in in vitro models for the study of gut microbiota dynamics and host intestinal tissue response.

Gut health is a key factor in our overall health and well-being. The gut microbiome that inhabits the digestive environment of the gut lumen contributes to intestinal homeostasis. Food products, drugs, probiotics and other factors can influence the function of the gut wall and/or microbiome.

Our translational models can be used to study the impact of your product on gut microbiota and host tissue response and can help to evaluate and boost product innovation at an early stage. Our in vitro and ex vivo gut model systems provide the unique opportunity to screen different lead compounds, ingredients and solutions for specific target populations (obese, elderly, infants) and evaluate their potential to promote health.

Watch the webinar "In vitro microbiome and ex vivo intestinal models for fut health".

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