SMITZH: Smart Industry Hub for Zuid-Holland

Smart industry

SMITZH is the Smart Industry Hub for the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. Its goal is to support manufacturing companies in automating, robotising and digitising their production. So SMITZH stands for ‘Smart Manufacturing:Industriële Toepassing (Industrial Application) in Zuid-Holland’.

Cooperation between field labs, manufacturing companies, TNO, and knowledge and educational institutions within SMITZH is encouraged, as this helps companies to strengthen their competitive positions which, in turn, furthers the economic development of the Zuid-Holland region.

SMITZH’s approach is designed to involve parties that can trigger and deliver change at critical points. They create opportunities for innovations to emerge, while also providing a fertile breeding ground that will enable these innovations to thrive, to be implemented, and to acquire value for companies and society. At TNO, we call this approach: Orchestrating Innovation. Waarheen linken?

SMITZH is the brainchild of the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area (MRDH), the Province of Zuid-Holland,InnovationQuarter and TNO. Together these organisations create the space needed to innovate, by engaging with field labs and companies to formulate a collective vision, by acquiring funding, and by constantly evaluating the programme’s impact.

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