Artificial Intelligence is helping us improve the way we live, work and travel. The big challenge to achieve this, is bringing AI expertise and domain knowledge together. We want to achieve this at the Appl.AI Conference 2021, where we will cover 6 tracks.

We strive to realize the best possible AI applications. That’s why we want to bring the AI community together to share experience how to apply AI in the best possible way. Together with our partners we will organize the Appl.AI Conference 2021.

The program: 6 tracks

The Appl.AI Conference 2021 programming revolves around six major application area's where artificial intelligence is currently playing a significant part or will do so in the foreseeable future:

Track 1: Data-driven policy and public services

(10:15 – 12:00)

The public sector faces challenges. Some are not unique, like incomplete data sources. Some are central to the delivery of trusted public services, like avoiding bias. Either way, all challenges are important. In this track, we’ll explore the use of AI in public policy and services. We’ll also have a panel discussion on ‘AI in the public sector: What’s working right now and why?’

Track 2: Smart operations & Predictive maintenance

(10:15 – 12:00)

Mobility, logistics and energy supply strongly depend on efficient infrastructure and assets. Maintenance and operation become a challenge as infrastructure is aging and complexity is increasing. Artificial intelligence holds great promise to help us tackle this challenge. But how to apply it? In this track TNO and leading organizations will present their answers, discuss potential partnerships ánd provide you with a sneak preview of what's ahead.

Track 3: Cyber security

(13:15 – 15:00)

Cyber security is serious business. Our dependency on ICT increases, so does the potential impact of a cyber-attack. Organizations need to be protected against these cyber threats. We bring parties together that provide smart, AI-enabled algorithms to safeguard organizations against cyber threats. Elements we’ll discuss are the quality of data, sharing data and making data actionable. In this track we will present some leading applications of AI for cyber security.

Track 4: Autonomous vehicles & systems

(13:15 – 15:00)

Numerous software components will be based on AI technology. How to validate such technology still remains an open question. Together with industry and governance we try to validate AI-based systems by developing AI-technology ourselves. Think about automated driving and autonomous decision making. In this track you’ll learn how industry and governance tries to validate this question. Moreover, you’ll see the validation processes that TNO is currently developing.

Track 5: Smart Industry

(15:00 – 16:45)

Manufacturing companies in the Netherlands make the difference with little series, far-reaching specialization and customization. You might think 'Can you learn from data during the making of these rather small batches?’. Yes you can! And it’s already happening. You’ll hear all about it in this track from Gregor van Baars (TNO) and other AI Smart Industry experts.

Track 6: Personalized Health

(15:00 – 16:45)

Health is personal, and so should be the advice. AI in healthcare, based on personal data from wearables/trackers and apps. Consultation and medical data offers new ways of making that advice personal. Attached are several challenges, like gaining a consumers’ trust or guaranteeing privacy. Come to the track and learn how AI can contribute to a better health.

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