There are countless benefits of AI for our society. For example in the field of health care, mobility and safety. However, there are risks associated with the use of AI. Think of unwanted discrimination or privacy issues. That is why the European Commission recently drafted new AI regulations , with the aim of defending our fundamental rights. This development raises new questions for many companies. To address these questions, we organized a webinar.

The main question that we focussed on 

What concrete things can you do as an organization to apply AI in a responsible manner?

Panel discussion: 2 issues

We discussed our main question with the panel members Chief Data Scientist Jasper van Vliet (ILT) and Lead Scientist Artificial Intelligence Cor Veenman (TNO). During the webinar they have shared their insight on 2 issues:

  1. How can I as an organization deal with proposed AI regulations?
  2. What is the innovation required to use AI responsibly?
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