NL AI Coalitie invests in Appl.AI program

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) received 23.5 million euros from the government. NL AIC investes a part of this amount in the Appl.AI program of TNO. This serves as a starting impulse for research into the development of AI applications over the next 5 years. Five cooperation projects have been started.

The Appl.AI program consists of a total of fifteen AI use cases in which government and industry actively collaborate. We also work closely with universities and other research institutions to feed these projects with knowledge. We will supplement the current 15 use cases with 5 use cases that are funded from the NL AIC.

We can already highlight three of the five collaboration projects:

  • Selected: Personalized care through the effort of data with a focus on privacy and security in healthcare.
  • Skills matching 2.0: Fair decision-making in the labor market by the use of AI in the recruitment process.
  • AI Oversight Lab: Developing reliable AI algorithms for public organizations.

Major AI Challenges

In all projects of our Appl.AI program, two major AI challenges are addressed. Firstly, "How do we ensure that autonomous AI systems can be deployed transparently and responsibly?" And secondly, "How do humans and AI work together as well as possible?".

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Use cases

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