Maritime & Offshore: sustainable use of our oceans

In order to feed the growing world population, clean oceans are becoming increasingly important. As a result, TNO is always working on new techniques enabling smarter fishing, cleaner shipping and better protection of marine materials against corrosion and biocorrosion.

Smarter fishing

One of the technologies we have developed is known as bistatic sonar, where short sound pulses are transmitted and received. This allows fishermen to recognise sizes and species of fish, and decide whether or not to release their nets. This decreases sailing distances and, as a consequence, emissions. It helps prevent fishing-quota breaches and bycatch. Ecology and economics thus go hand in hand.

Cleaner shipping

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is an environmentally friendly fuel which is very suitable for ships. TNO is contributing to the introduction of LNG by informing suppliers and customers about this fuel, and advising on legislation and permits. In the long run we will be making shipping more environmentally friendly.

Stopping corrosion

The shipping industry, oil and gas industry, and port industries all have to deal with it: corrosion and biocorrosion. This is the damage to metal, concrete or composite materials that is caused by external influences such as the sun, sea and bacteria. The best- known example is rust. Corrosion can greatly increase maintenance costs and lead to dangerous situations. This is why, together with other businesses, we study corrosion issues in ships and maritime structures. We determine the type of corrosion and how to prevent the damage it causes. The aim is to make materials more durable and maritime infrastructure safer.

Cleaner oceans

These TNO projects and many others make an essential contribution to the sustainable exploration and exploitation of the world’s oceans. Together with our partners, we can use our high-end expertise and facilities to promote sustainable use of our oceans. It’s our way of helping to preserve this invaluable resource!

If you would like to know more about our Maritime & Offshore activities, continue reading below or get in touch with us.


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