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Health risk assessment

How do I ensure my new product does not cause adverse health effects? What is the health effect of being exposed to (chemical) substances? These questions may often rise at your company or institute. We are there to support you in order to ensure safe new products and prevent health issues.

People are exposed to many (chemical) substances through the day via air, food and dermal contact. Whether this exposure is intended or unintended, the safety for human health should be ensured. Our team of toxicologists and health risk assessors offers strategic advice and valuable expertise in health risk assessment. We integrate monitoring and exposure results with a toxicological evaluation to conclude on significance of health effects. Since 2005, more than 150 companies or their suppliers have called upon our services.

Support on health risk assessment aspects:

  • Toxicological evaluation and risk assessment for public health issues
  • Toxicological evaluation and risk assessment for worker
  • Preparation of expert opinions and position papers on health effects
  • Peer review of statements and dossiers; second opinions
  • Contacts with authorities and other relevant bodies

Innovation in collaboration

Besides our consultancy services, we perform research in order to improve health risk assessment and reduce the cost, time and animals needed. In this respect we participated in several EU funded projects among which OSIRIS and Chemscreen and have over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals. We innovate in close collaboration with stakeholders like industry and authorities in order to ensure the developed knowledge has high added value.

Applying our state-of-the-art knowledge ensures scientifically valid and rapid assessment of health effects upon which risk management advice can be given.

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