From ground-breaking research and development mapping of the ocean space to advances in extending the human interface underwater, the Netherlands continues to have an especially strong and innovative position globally when it comes to harnessing the potential of the sea. Since its foundation, TNO has been intertwined in this distinctive history, sustaining the country’s unique position in having been built from the water. Today, a variety of civil parties make use of this expertise, including shipping, the offshore industry, ports and construction companies.

TNO is among the worldwide elite when it comes to measuring sound under water and analysing the potential impacts on marine life. International parties therefore regularly approach TNO when it comes to projects involving underwater sound. And companies often rely upon us to assist them with developing sustainable marine environmental risk management capabilities.

Shipping and fishing

For example, TNO is involved in developing new European measurement regulations and also consults with shipbuilders and offshore companies on methods for designing quieter vessels and equipment. Additionally, TNO has assisted fisheries and fishing companies to develop a system that uses specialised sonar systems to differentiate fish species and reduce bycatch.

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“Combining our deep expertise in sonar, signal processing and sensor fusion TNO enables governments and businesses to efficiently and affordably address emerging regulations and evolving standards,” says Eric Engelbrecht, senior business developer at TNO. “We strive to partner with small and large companies in various industries and diverse institutions to develop new capabilities which support our clients and move society forward.”


TNO’s Ocean Space team is a diverse group of experienced engineers, mathematicians, analysts and scientists who bring an entrepreneurial spirit to each project. This innovative team performs the most advanced research and development work in the areas of acoustic sensing, underwater science and mapping, and sensor fusion. They are achieving rapid progress in the integration, validation and engineering of advanced acoustic technologies and analysis, enabling the world’s oceans to thrive well into the future.