Our work

Underwater Warfare and Security

To support the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and other customers, TNO carries out sonar research on topics such as anti submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, torpedo defence and harbour protection.

The TNO Low Frequency Active Sonar Source SOCRATES onboard HNLMS Van Nes

New technology and new threats call for new sonar systems. Our research includes the design of new sonar concepts, sonar signal processing (array processing, waveform design, false alarm reduction…) and assessment or improvement of existing systems. Very often, the results of our research is put to operational use, either in technology demonstrators (Flank Array Towed Array demonstrator) or the development of brand new systems (The MAPS operational Low Frequency Active Sonar). To support our research, we develop and use an array of models for target signatures and response, oceanographic phenomena, acoustic propagation and sonar performance.

Our work

Ship acoustics and underwater acoustic signatures

Various sources of noise, like combustion engines, gearboxes, hydraulic pumps and propellers, can cause high levels of noise in and around ships. Noise control is thus important to boosting the comfort... Read more

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