Geological Survey of the Netherlands

The government has assigned various tasks to TNO in respect of information on the Dutch subsurface. TNO acts (internationally) as the Geological Survey of the Netherlands and we manage data and information supplied by mining companies to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

GEODE ATLAS launched

TNO and EBN have jointly developed the GEODE Atlas. With the Atlas you can explore hydrocarbon opportunities in the Dutch offshore. This platform mainly shows where in the various layers of the subsoil there could still be (undiscovered) gas stocks. It thus provides a wealth of information for, for example, companies working in the oil and gas industry.

Insights in Dutch offshore subsurface?

Check it out with the GEODE Atlas: platform of EBN and TNO

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TNO has the legal task of making information on the Dutch subsurface available to Dutch society so as to enable the sustainable use and management of the subsurface and the mineral resources it contains. This information is needed to make comprehensive decisions concerning the organisation of the space above and below ground.

Geological Survey of the Netherlands

Tirza van Daalen MSc