Reservoir performance can be greatly increased by applying workflows for improved decision making under uncertainty. Everest is a computationally efficient solution that is capable of handling the full range of control options as well as uncertainties present in reservoir management of assets. Its value has proven in practice by the application to several field cases.

Innovation through decades of research and experience

Optimized, proactive field development strategies are essential for effective reservoir management. At TNO, we have researched workflows for reservoir management for more than two decades. We have worked with leading universities and applied our workflows together with the most innovative oil and gas companies in the world. We know how we can make maximal use of your data in an efficient way to keep your models up to date at all times. We know how we can use your field models to arrive at optimal reservoir development strategies. We believe you can exploit uncertainties instead of seeing them as a risk. We believe in innovation, working closely together with our customers and making production and delivering services with actual practical value. In this way, we have developed Everest, which we have successfully applied to several field cases with some of our customers.

Integrated in your own modelling workflows

Many companies have their own reservoir simulation and management workflows and use their own combination of static and dynamic modelling packages. The flexibility of Everest allows it to be used with any reservoir simulator stand-alone, but we can also fully integrate it in your own framework. History matching can be performed with your production and time lapse seismic data. At the same time other data types can be used through Everest’s scripting functionality. For optimization of field development strategies and well controls, Everest has the same combination of ready-to-use and functionality for well path, well control and drilling order optimization and flexibility to optimize any other development options in an repeatable manner.

New energy applications

Reservoir management is a natural application for Everest: oil and gas asset teams deal every day with production forecasting, simulating production scenarios, quantifying (geological) uncertainties and their impact on decisions, workflows for reviewing and reinteration development options, risk reduction and formal decision making. At the same time, Everest can be used in a broad range of application in the energy domain and beyond. Examples are the optimization of wind park design and its maintenance scheduling taking into account uncertainties in future commodity pricing and weather patterns. Or optimization geothermal energy production though improved configuration of water extraction and injection well patterns. Or optimization of options to decrease trace gas and particulate matter emissions with uncertainties in the source strenght. In all these applications models, with inherent unceratinties are used to predict system behavior. We are convinced that Everest will provide the same practical value for these applications as already proven in hydrocarbon field development.


Frank Wilschut

  • Petroleum Geosciences