In INDUCE, a consortium of energy advisors, networking organisations and scientists offers companies in the European food and beverage sector (the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France) a unique opportunity to co-create a tailored energy efficiency advice and training programme aimed at establishing an energy efficiency culture. Large-scale rollout of the resulting programme and toolkit is part of this project, which runs from 2018-2020.

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Towards a sustainable agro-food industry: Capacity building programs in energy efficiency (INDUCE)

INDUCE aims to establish an energy efficient company culture that is prepared for a low-carbon future ahead of competitors, specifically targeting the food and beverage sector in the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Germany.

INDUCE project impact

Working together towards effective energy management

In 15 pilot companies, varying from SMEs to multinationals, we develop and test trainings and workshop formats fostering an energy efficiency culture. The companies invest man hours only, since the expenses of the project team are funded.

The project team consists of experienced social scientists, trainers, engineers, and members of the networking organizations of the agro-food industry in the Netherlands (TNO, KWA, FNLI), Spain (CIRCE, FIAB), France (ACTIA), and Germany (Fraunhofer ISI, Ökotec, FPI). SYNYO is responsible for dissemination and communication.

The resulting training material, lessons, guidelines and tools will be made available via the INDUCE ONLINE PLATFORM, supporting trainers in their energy advice to companies. These materials are the building blocks of the INDUCE METHODOLOGY, a way of developing training methods and materials that are at evidence based as well as tailored to company needs.

Active involvement of energy management experts and companies

The training companies involved in INDUCE will be the first to have hands-on experience with the INDUCE METHODOLOGY. We will develop a train-the-trainer program to share this methodology with at least 60 trainers. Trainers can follow this program for free if they implement the training in at least five companies in return. This way, we can grant 300 more companies the opportunity to receive training (within the project duration).

How to join the project

If you are a trainer, you can follow this program for free if you implrement the training in at least five companies in return. This way, we can grant 300 more companies the opportunity to receive training (within the project duration).

For the Netherlands, the point of contact for participation is the FNLI. The Dutch training company is KWA bedrijfsadviseurs. Please check the Dutch version of this project page for contact information. For other countries, please visit the project website via the link below.

Role of TNO

TNO is leading the analysis of existing practices on capacity building in energy management. We collect all the required information from the pilot companies in order to develop a benchmarking baseline for the project. Throughout the project, TNO will be the main responsible for assessing cultural, organizational and behavioural aspects in energy management training and method development, and for effectively linking behavioural and organizational change methods to the capacity building programs.

Funding and duration

INDUCE is funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020) and runs from 2018-2020.

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