Healthy, safe and productive working

If the Netherlands wants to stay competitive in the global economy, a good workforce is essential. How can we ensure that people can work in a healthy, safe and productive way? How can we promote sustainable employability as the population ages, people have to continue working for longer and disruptive technologies demand new skills? At TNO we work on such questions.

Luuk Engbers, Business Developer for Work, Health & Technology: “Safety, vitality and expertise are at the heart of employability and productivity; they make organisations ready for the future.”

The developer of the Netherlands

At TNO we and our partners co-develop innovations in safety, vitality and expertise like innovations to promote the safety culture in companies, healthy ways to deal with pressure at work and resources for the professional development of employees. In this way we support organisations and their employees to balance the demands made by work on safety, vitality and expertise.

TNO offers insight

How can a company best go about sustainable employability? What innovations are effective? Rob van der Maarel, Business Developer for Work, Prevention & Health: “We have national databases in this field. Thanks to intelligent linking of data, we can also offer a look into the future. These insights lead to data-driven choices, making investments in sustainable employability more profitable.”

Digital portal for sustainable employability

Our digital portal Monitor Work makes our innovations accessible to sectors, organisations and individuals. In partnership with and support from this portal, we help them turn insights into methods. In addition to tangible methods, this portal offers instruments to monitor the effectiveness of a method, compare own performance with that of other organisations and embed the employability policy with respect to safety, vitality and expertise.


TNO innovates in co-creation with partners. Our broad perspective makes it attractive to work with us. We have knowledge of safety, vitality and expertise in house. If you wish to find out more about healthy, safe and productive working, read below or contact us.

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