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Cleaner production for textile industry in Bangladesh

As implementation partner of  Bangladesh Water PaCT (Partnership for Cleaner Textile), TNO is involved in establishing a knowledge hub on cleaner production that supports the textile industry of Bangladesh in adopting resource efficiency measures. This local hub, called Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC) aims to collect, sustain and share technology-related information and options for improvement on Cleaner Production within the sector.

Textile Technology Business Center

In Bangladesh knowledge on water and energy efficient technologies and effluent treatment for the textile sector is scarce, emphasizing the need  for a knowledgeable, practical, and unbiased knowledge source: The Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC) . TTBC supports the textile sector by collecting information on Cleaner Production (CP), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP),  drawn on the best global independent technical knowledge and on local experience of Cleaner Production. TTBC shares guidance on practical implementation, supporting the sector in adopting best practices and technologies that improve business and environmental sustainability.

TNO & Water PaCT

TNO contributes to TTBC by providing technical and organizational knowledge to the local staff of TTBC. By combining our knowledgebase with our skills on development of effective methodologies, we establish knowledge transfer the topics relevant for successful positioning of TTBC within the sector. TNO assists the local staff of TTBC in collecting the right technical knowledge, finding optimal instrument and developing practical skills and business plans in order to become an sustainable business center within BGMEA that can proceed after Water PaCT is finished.

Water PaCT

The Bangladesh Water PaCT (Partnership for Cleaner Textile) seeks to bring about systemic, positive environmental change for the Bangladesh textile wet processing sector, its workers, and surrounding communities, in order to contribute to the sector’s long-term competitiveness. PaCT is implemented by IFC (International Finance Corporation) and Solidaridad, in collaboration with BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacture.


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