Work stress is a serious threat to sustainable employability. Protracted stress can lead to overload, lack of productivity, dropout and burn-out. Stress adversely affects the wellbeing of people, and the costs for employers and society are high. TNO helps employers and employees to combat work stress through technological and social innovations.

Business Developer Luuk Engbers: “For the vitality of the labour force it is essential for employees to be able to deal with the workload themselves. Our innovations put them in control. We also develop resources for employers to reduce the mental stress of employees, linking technological solutions, like applied gaming to social solutions.”

Stress prevention at work

We are working with different partners on the Stress prevention at work project, a network in which companies can learn from each other’s experiences of stress prevention as well as make use of handy tools and roadmaps.


The goal of the Stresscoach that we are developing is to enable the employee to measure his or her own work stress to be able to intervene in the event of an overload. From simple questionnaires to measurements of stress hormones and heart rate, the Stresscoach will give employees of the future direct insight into their stress during the working day.

Healthy scheduling

Another intervention we have developed is healthy scheduling whereby employees are helped to organise their day better and employers draw up smart schedules.

Shift work app

TNO’s knowledge about shift work has been shaped into a handy app that focuses on the day-night rhythm of employees, advising on aspects like diet and the best time to go to bed. This helps keep employees fit and clear-headed, which boosts productivity and reduces safety risks.

Cost-benefits tool

What are the costs and benefits of investing in sustainable employability? To provide organisations with an insight into this, we have developed a cost-benefits tool on the basis of national data.


TNO has knowledge of various domains in house, from biomedical science to behavioural science. This knowledge is clustered into interventions to promote sustainable employability. We are keen to work with you, so please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Work with us to promote sustainable employability

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