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Early Life: Key to Healthy Growth and Development

The most important factor for a lifetime of health and well-being is healthy growth and development in the first two years of life. TNO’s multi-disciplinary team of experts enable our partners and clients to develop tools, services, food, medicines and support for young children and those who keep them healthy. Using extensive, evidence-based research, TNO helps find solutions to key early life development challenges.

Multi-disciplinary approach

Laying the foundations for a healthy life is complex. So TNO has brought together the expertise of scientists and developers in food & nutrition, behavioural science, technology, biomedicine and genetics to create a robust, holistic approach to the study of child health optimisation. The team explores the connection between a child’s physical, social and psychological challenges when it comes to ensuring healthy development, preventing disease and developing cures. Our biomedical research is driven by our increasing understanding of the mechanisms that underlie health and disease.


Multi-faceted solutions

Through years of dedicated research and development, TNO has been instrumental in the development and validation of a variety of tools, support systems and applications that focus on child health. From development trackers like Dscore to our experimental platforms and clinical studies that lead to optimised infant formula. And from group support to physician tools to digital parent support services. TNO can offer data-driven, evidence-based solutions that optimise early development. Our interactive landscape shows how we address the challenges of child health with effective research, guidelines and tools. In close collaboration with our partners and stakeholders, we strive for tailored study designs.

In addition to extensive data, innovative technology and unmatched insight, TNO also has the facilities and expertise to conduct in vitro, ex vivo and in silico studies that advance product development and ensure safe, effective treatments.

Partnering for better infant and child health

TNO is actively seeking partners from private industry, universities, healthcare, governments and NGOs to develop innovative solutions. Through private, proprietary projects and public/private partnerships, we aim to accelerate development in all aspects of early life development and ensure that every child has the very best start in life, and every parent, paediatrician, product developer and caregiver has the tools and support they need to ensure healthy child development. We work in co-creation with our stakeholders for optimal solutions, whether the goal is competitive advantage, marketing optimisation or wide-scale community support.

Driving innovation forward

Building on our solid research and stakeholder networks, we are ready to develop the solutions of tomorrow. Any and all stakeholders interested in developing products, services, tools and techniques aimed at improving early life development are encouraged to get in touch to find out more.

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Our work

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