Studies show that a child’s development in the first thousand days of its life can impact its health and well being over the course of its lifetime. That’s why TNO is committed to making the tools and resources available to make those thousand days as healthy as they can be for children around the world. The First 1,000 Days initiative aims to bring evidence-based teaching, affordable resources and targeted support to those who need it most.

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Family Planning: the key to healthier families

A healthy first 1,000 days begins before conception. Evidence shows that effectively educating young people about preconception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and childbirth positively impacts their choices about reproductive health and prevents teenage pregnancies.

With ‘Pregnant, Yes or No’, TNO offers a low-cost, low-threshold programme that engages students in a clear, open discussion about their sexual and reproductive health, choices and responsibilities. It offers easy-to-read, attractive resources to support what they’ve learned and share with friends.

Check2Gether to save lives

Once a woman conceives, she may encounter complications that put her health – and her unborn baby’s life – at serious risk. With a few simple tests, support and guidance, a vast number of negative outcomes can be prevented.

Check2Gether is two programmes in one. The Check2Gether Kit contains inexpensive, easy diagnostic tools that any healthcare worker can use to test for the most common high-risk conditions. Check2Gether Group Care is a safe and nurturing environment in which expecting mums can learn, ask questions and support each other. The proven method improves pregnancy outcomes and mother and child health, especially in underserved populations.

Milestones that make a difference

Every infant is expected to experience the same growth and development milestones in the first years of its life. But in every country, those milestones – and a child’s ability to reach them – vary greatly. Unless all children are measured in the same way, some children may be left behind.

D-Score and JAMES are two technological innovations that plot a child’s development on a graph, to be compared with other children in the region, the country and the world. They allow parents, healthcare workers and global organisations to focus attention on the children who need it most.

Digital Parent Support Services

Digital Parent Support Services provides insights and support to the regions that need it most. At TNO, we use our child health expertise, technological knowhow and smart algorithms to ensure that data is available to healthcare workers when it's needed through smart applications and platforms. It gives healthcare providers the tools to offer accurate advice with fewer resources.

Partnerships for progress

These are just three of the many, proven programmes TNO has developed in the First 1,000 Days initiative. From healthy choices before pregnancy to parenting support, First 1,000 Days offers evidence-based knowledge and innovative tooling that allows every child – and parent – in the world to have an equal chance at a healthy, happy life.

By partnering with local and international groups, healthcare professionals, policymakers and parents, we can adapt the programmes to the social, geographic and cultural contexts of a region. We seek connections throughout the care chain, so that every child gets the care he or she deserves.

If you are interested in improving life-long health and well being by focusing on the first 1,000 days, contact TNO to find out how.

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