At TNO we collaborate on the future of youth care. Local authorities are responsible for providing care that responds to the needs of children, youngsters and parents. The solution lies in the community: involve children, youngsters, parents and the social surroundings in safe, healthy upbringing.

The projects TNO works on are intended to give youngsters a good start. If people are marginalised, it costs society money. TNO wants to work with our partners to ensure that everyone can participate in society.

One family, one plan

From supply-generated to demand-driven care geared to multi-problematic families is the goal of the project One family, one plan. Institutions for care and welfare are cooperating in neighbourhood teams and looking at the type of help a child needs and who is best suited to offer this care. TNO is studying the options and conditions to successfully engage youth, parents and the surroundings in this help.

Making youth healthcare more flexible

Care can be more efficient if not everyone gets the standard fare: one child needs more frequent preventive healthcare checks while the parents of another child can be assisted through e-consultation. We are investigating the long-term effects of different approaches: do they prompt more or less use of care by children and are the parents and care institutions satisfied?

Preparing youngsters for society

Some youngsters need a helping hand to find their place in society, so we work with schools on projects to prepare marginalised youngsters for work in the employment market. We also study sexually deviant behaviour, for example, and organise projects at schools to deal with the issue.


In all these projects TNO is the research partner. We participate in an academic workplace: a pilot in which parties from the fields of policy, practice, education and research start up research projects together. If you wish to cooperate or you have an idea for improving care that you would like to be investigated or, as a local authority, want to get answers fast to real issues, then contact us.


Dr. Symone Detmar

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