Flexible & Free-form Products: new materials and production processes

In 2025 smart, personalized and autonomous devices will form 'the internet of things' and solar cells will make a significant contribution to the world's energy needs. With its excellence in Large-Area and Flexible Electronics and in Additive Manufacturing, TNO enables innovations in these domains.

New opportunities for the High-Tech sector

Large Area and Flexible Electronics comprises new forms of lighting, displays, solar cells and sensor devices that are ultra-thin, unbreakable, lightweight and flexible. In the Field of Flexible and Large Area Electronics, TNO teams up with R&D partners in two strong alliances: Holst Centre and Solliance.

Additive Manufacturing comprises production processes to make products layer by layer, allowing for shapes that are fully optimized for usage and not restricted by limitations of the manufacturing process. The next wave will be the clever combination of these two. This roadmap explores these two areas and their future synergies, leading to opportunities for the Dutch High-Tech sector.

TNO targets the development of new production processes, materials and products to industry, leading to increased export by Dutch high-tech manufacturing industry and to the creation of new start-ups and spin-offs. TNO will do this by:

  • Contributing to sustainability by reduced usage of energy and scarce materials and by sustainable energy generation
  • Building and strengthening networks between industry, RTO's and universities, accelerating innovation
  • Providing R&D talents to industry, resolving talent shortages and effectively transferring knowledge

Start largest research program on 3D-printing in Europe

30 November 2016
Maastricht University (UM) and Brightlands Materials Center (BMC) decided to join forces to create one of the largest initiatives on biofabrication for regenerative medicine applications in Europe. In... Read more

OLED on ceramic heralds new possibilities for durable, flexible lighting and displays

23 September 2016
Dutch R&D institute Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) and American ultra-thin ceramics supplier ENrG Inc. have created the first ever ceramic-based, large-area flexible OLED. The device, manufactured... Read more

Fieldlab to boost the innovation ecosystem

20 June 2016
Recent developments in innovation policy show a focus on the role of fieldlabs in boosting the innovation ecosystem. Examples of this trend are, the European ‘Innovation Hubs’, the German ‘Mittelstand... Read more


Ir. Jaap Lombaers

  • Holst Centre
  • Solliance
  • 3D Printing
  • Flexible Electronics
  • Medical Devices

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