From wearable medical devices to seamlessly integrated novel IoT devices to customised food and medication. Flexible and free-form products are the key to ground-breaking technology and applications that will create new value chains and improve human health. For more than 25 years, TNO has been active in this domain, and has accumulated the knowledge, expertise and network to not only develop revolutionary products, but to support and advance the entire industry ecosystem.

Expertise that accelerates

TNO’s track record in developing the latest flexible and free-form products has confirmed its place as one of the leaders in this domain. What’s more, TNO has a variety of innovation models that can be tailored to a company’s specific needs and ambitions. This, combined with an entire ecosystem of partners and a side-by-side working relationship with clients makes TNO ideally suited to support companies in the development of products and innovations. Far beyond reports and research, TNO offers capabilities up to and including proof-of-concept models and viable products.

Whether in one-on-one collaborations or as part of larger consortia, TNO brings its vast knowledge and extensive network to bear on the biggest challenges the industry faces with the primary goal of advancing the industry and improving human health and well-being through technology.

Flexible electronics

At Holst Centre, TNO’s expertise is applied to develop hybrid printed electronics and thin-film electronics that make the future of flexible electronics a reality today. Using its extensive infrastructure and ecosystem, Holst Centre applies its flexible electronics expertise to realise disruptive innovations in applications ranging from solid state batteries to IoT equipment and wearable medical devices.

Personalised health and nutrition

The use of 3D printing technology to create customised food and medication may be new in the market, but TNO has been working on the technology for decades. Whether in our own research about 3D Pharma printing or as part of the Digital Food Processing Initiative’s work on 3D printed food, TNO’s expertise contributes to a healthier future for us all.

Flexible and free-form products can help shape the future of industry and human development and health. But only with the right partners, the right network and the right expertise can this ground-breaking technology be brought to the forefront. TNO is eager to put its decades of expertise to work for you, and together advance the entire industry, one innovation at a time.

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