With EnViVer you combine results of traffic simulation software with emission models. This enables you to predict and to study the environmental impact of traffic. Both for existing and modified/future situations. It helps you with the dilemma traffic flow versus emissions by finding the best solution for your situation.


In the last years emissions from road transport rose, despite an average emission reduction for new cars in the same time period. So far, the progress in vehicle technology is unable to compensate the effect of increases in vehicle fleet and car size. TNO measured the emission levels of more than 3,000 cars in a variety of conditions. Based on the measurements TNO has developed the VERSIT+ emissions model. This model is capable of modeling emissions, like NOx, particle matter (PM10) and CO2, for virtually any type of car. For this info about the behavior of cars (speed-time profile) is required. This info is available from traffic simulation software like VISSIM. EnViVer links the TNO VERSIT+ emission model to the simulated traffic behavior in VISSIM. This way EnViVer calculates the impact on emissions from a motorway exit, roundabout, etc. and dynamic traffic management on emissions. EnViVer visualizes the impact of a traffic measure on exhaust gas emissions in an "emission" map. Governments and the road authorities can decide whether to expand the road network or make more efficient use of existing capacity


EnViVer applies to rural roads and highways to evaluate the effects of:

  • ramp metering,
  • green waves,
  • lowering speed limit.

Also, the effect of in-car technology, like start stop systems and cooperative cruise control, can be evaluated on the basis of real world GPS information. EnViVer has already been used to evaluate the emission effects of:

  • roundabouts versus intersections with traffic lights,
  • adaptive traffic lights,
  • Adaptive Cruise Control.

The interface with the microscopic traffic simulation program VISSIM is commercially available with the product name EnViVer and marketed by Vialis and PTV. Licenses are sold in various countries. Customers include universities and governments.