Flexible and free-form products

Food and medicine from 3D printers are well-known examples of flexible and free-form products. These products help advance human development and industry. Discover our knowledge and expertise.

More then 25 years of experience with flexible and free-form products

Flexible and free-form products are the key to pioneering technologies and applications that will create new value chains and improve people's overall health.

Our latest developments

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UK MasterChef winner Tim Anderson experiments with 3D printed pasta

9 August 2022

The winner of MasterChef UK series 7, Tim Anderson, experiments with 3D printed pasta from BluRhapsody, a collaboration between Italian pasta makers Barilla and TNO. The results were satisfactory. Kjeld van Bommel, senior consultant 3D Food and Pharma Printing at TNO, explains how the triple collaboration took shape.

New technology centre to accelerate digital innovation with the power of light

28 May 2021
TNO, PhotonDelta, TU Eindhoven and Universiteit Twente are going to collaborate in the new PITC to advance innovations with revolutionary chip technology.