How smart mobility contributes to a liveable city

As a result of population growth, urbanisation and increasing prosperity, the demand for mobility is on the rise. Our mobility is also in transition as a result of electrification, automation and the offer of various sharing concepts and delivery services. With all these developments, how can we ensure an accessible, resilient and liveable city without emissions, mobility poverty or unequal opportunities now and in the future? Find out how TNO helps policymakers deal with all these spatial challenges to keep their cities liveable.

Latest developments in urban mobility

How do you give optimal space to all urban ambitions? How do you make the platform economy work for your city? And how do you make sure no one is left behind? Realizing a liveable city is a major system challenge, in which mobility is a dominant factor. Discover the latest developments in the field of urban mobility. Receive the paper ‘Liveable city: Forward together with TNO, top 3 challenges for Dutch cities.'

A liveable city requires innovation and inventive policy

The energy and mobility transition, climate challenges, housing challenges and concerns about broad prosperity. The challenges that policymakers face are more complex and urgent than ever. How can you achieve successes and achieve ambitions within a term of office? Do you want to know how you can work towards a livable city? Find out how TNO, as a strategic partner, helps policymakers to create a liveable city. Receive the paper ‘A liveable city requires innovation and inventive policy.’

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