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How the North Sea will power the European Energy Transition

Energy Reinvented Community 2023
Discover how the North Sea will be the powerhouse for renewable energy for Northwest Europe on November 9th. TNO will be hosting the annual Energy Reinvented Community 2023 event of which the theme is ‘Greening security of supply’.

09:30 - (CET)
Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam

As Europe is committed to become climate neutral by 2050, challenges relating to the availability and affordability of green energy, as well as creating and operating a stable and reliable energy system are mounting and reach beyond national and geographical borders.

Secure sustainable energy supply

Cross border cooperation and solutions are required to safeguard the security of supply of affordable clean energy. The North Sea will be the powerhouse for renewable energy for Northwest Europe by generating renewable resources and connecting energy markets.

Tennet and TNO host

On November 9th TNO will be hosting the annual Energy Reinvented Community 2023 event of which the theme is ‘Greening security of supply’. The attention of our sector should structurally focus on building a sustainably energy system, and to cope with the heartfelt energy issues of today such as geopolitical security of supply and energy poverty. These challenges will be in focus of our event on 9th of November 2023, hosted by TNO and TenneT.

Topics and questions that will be discussed include:

  • How can we find solutions and take away technical and political barriers to secure the availability of renewable (offshore) energy production?
  • How important is the future role of hydrogen in the transport and balancing of the offshore energy system?
  • What will it take to develop (new) supply value chains, ensuring sufficient energy autonomy for North West Europe?
  • What are inspiring and promising business models and partnerships and what can we learn from them?

30 free tickets for young professionals

We especially want to connect with young professionals. Therefore we offer 30 free tickets for new members below the age of 30. Invite your young colleagues! Register for these special tickets by mail.

Focus groups

We are happy to announce a new focus group, called: Investments, Innovation and Industries (financing the Energy Transition), which particularly welcomes ERC-members with a background and interest in commercial finance, project development, public finance, subsidies and new business. The new Focus Group will be led by Anne Mieke van der Werf and Marinus Boogert of Invest NL and Jan Prins of Siemens Energy.

Please note that all focus group sessions will be held in the afternoon and the plenary session in the morning.

Registration and tickets

The registration is open. A membership of the Energy Reinvented Community is free. Please do not forget to register for the focus group of your choice and secure your seat!

In light of preventing no-shows and wasting food, we ask for a participation fee of € 75. Your ticket is personal and not transferable, and valid for the full event on 9 November. including all catering mentioned in the program. Refund of your ticket is possible until 7 days before the event will take place.

Visit ERC for more information and the programme.

Register for the event

Discover solutions for a sustainable energy system and how we can cope with the heartfelt energy issues of today.

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