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Quantum internet enabled by space

In this webinar Gustavo Castro do Amaral will present a framework proposing the best possible route (ground/space/hybrid) to achieve the highest entanglement distribution rate between two given cities in Europe. The presentation will be followed by an open Q&A session, hosted by Charlotte Postma.

14:30 - (CET)

Quantum internet via space

Quantum computing is expected to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time. From predictive analysis to material design, from pharmaceutical development to the processing of enormous data sets. Yet building a sufficiently powerful quantum computer is extremely challenging. A promising solution is to connect smaller quantum computers via a network in which quantum information is shared, so that their capacity can be combined. TNO has set an ambitious roadmap to make such a global quantum internet possible – and this will most probably require satellites in space.

Building on our combined know-how in quantum, free space optics and classical networks, TNO is working hard to enable quantum internet from space.

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'Quantum communication benefits from
a ground-space switch in every city'

Gustavo Castro do Amaral

Quantum scientist at TNO

Charlotte Postma 2

'Satellites might be vital to enable a global quantum internet'

Charlotte Postma

Market strategist TNO space

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Programme webinar


During a short Pitch Charlotte will tell you all about the role of TNO in space quantum internet

Basics of Quantum Communications

Mini lecture by Gustavo

Ground and Satellite Quantum Links

Mini lecture by Gustavo

Building blocks of the Quantum Internet

Mini lecture by Gustavo

Wrap up

Q&A facilitated by Charlotte

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TNO extends EUV-partnership with USHIO Inc.

20 January 2023
USHIO Inc.-delegation visits TNO and extends EUV-partnership. Over the last five years USHIO Inc. has been TNO's strategic supplier and partner for the high intensity EUV light source used in our EBL2.