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Meet the expert | The route to safe automated driving

What is necessary to ensure safe automated driving? TNO aims to accelerate the process for automated vehicles to be allowed on public roads. With the use of specialised knowledge, validation software and test scenarios, TNO helps to provide convincing evidence to demonstrate the safety of these vehicles.​ Join one of our free online sessions and meet the experts.

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Meet the expert - Join one or more free and online sessions

What are the milestones en route to safe automated driving? Join one or more free online sessions and meet the experts.

What’s new in safety assessment for automated driving?

Automated driving poses new challenges to safety assessment. TNO explains which safety concepts are still valid and which need to be extended. ​Meet Olaf op den Camp (TNO), Henk Goossens (TNO) and Mikael Ljung Aust (Volvo Cars).

Safety Assurance, operationalising regulations & standards

Standards and regulations for safety assurance of automated driving sometimes create more questions that answers. TNO provides a deeper insight into the key aspects of the most relevant standards and regulations. Meet Hiroki NAKAMURA of Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), Olaf op den Camp and Erwin de Gelder​ (TNO).

The human reference for safe and social driving

Automated vehicles should drive like a competent and attentive human driver, which includes a social and responsible driving style. TNO clarifies how driver behaviour can be assessed with respect to perceived safety. Meet Olaf op den Camp (TNO), Jeroen Hogema (TNO), Espedito Rusciano (European Commission JRC) and Sjoerd Houwing (Dutch Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Certification).

AI, the solution and the challenge?

AI is a very powerful solution for complex tasks in an automated vehicle. The safety and system engineering challenges for vehicles with AI components are however still an open question. TNO illuminates the underlying issues and the direction for solutions. Meet Jan-Pieter Paardekooper (TNO) and Riccardo Dona (European Commission JRC).

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The route to safe automated driving

The experts


'Defining principles that allow autonomous vehicles to strike a reasonable balance between good and normal is a fun yet formidable challenge.'

Mikael Ljung Aust

Volvo Cars


'Safety assurance of automated driving is not the responsibility of each car maker, but joint liability of automotive society; universal scenario library (or scenario-roots library) is highly demanded for deployment.'



Riccardo Donà-quote-350x350

'A regulator perspective on AI for automated mobility, is the policy framework suitable?'

Riccardo Donà

European Commission JRC


On September 4 and 5 and October 9 and 10, TNO organises the first Automated Academy. Are you interested in joining? Join one or more of the online sessions above on the route to safe automated driving.

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