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SBE2022 Delft Conference

SBE22Delft will bring together 250-300 researchers, government officials, companies and professionals working towards a fast energy transition in the building renovation sector. The program of this conference will cover a wide range of themes regarding the built environment.

09:30 - 17:30
Aula Congress Centre Delft
€ 175 - 350

Accelerating Europe's energy renovation wave

The conference will enable participants to share ideas on state-of-the-art approaches for accelerating Europe’s energy renovation wave. The program includes keynote sessions, scientific paper presentations, industry and policy roundtables, panel discussions connected to current European policies and goals, and site visits of living labs.

TNO will feature during this conference with multiple paper and poster contributions on topics like renovation concepts, energy performance of buildings, and innovative approaches to heating, cooling and ventilation. During the conference TNO will hold three workshops regarding:
BIM workflows and tools to support the energy-efficient renovation of the EU residential building stock, 

  • BIM workflows and tools to support the energy-efficient renovation of the EU residential building stock,
  • Steering the market to focus on actual energy performance in home energy renovations,
  • Innovation program: Integrated approach energy transition in the built environment (IEBB).

The workshop on BIM workflows and tools to support energy-efficient renovation will present results from two European projects, BIM4REN and BIM-SPEED and will be chaired by Francesco Cinquini. In particular, the workshop focuses on the adaptations of the methods and tools to the actual needs and levels of expertise of practitioners for making the most out of BIM; both as a data exchange format as well as a collaborative process on a semantically enriched building information models. 
Marleen Spiekman will host the second workshop on steering the market to focus on energy performance. Current systems are developed with theoretical performances. In practice, actual performance differs greatly from these theoretical frameworks.

The third workshop will present results and insights gained during the IEBB program. During the workshop participants will be asked for input regarding international collaboration with private partners, how to organize the fragmented building industry and how to increase pace and reduce costs. This workshop is chaired by Charlotte Lelieveld.

Conference themes

  • Renovation concepts for housing
  • Renovation concepts for non-residential buildings
  • Innovative technologies
  • Low temperature heating solutions for buildings
  • District energy systems
  • Energy harvesting and storage on the building scale
  • Smart, energy-flexible buildings, smart monitoring, management & control
  • Energy performance of buildings
  • Behaviour of building owners and users
  • Value chain innovation
  • Policies and regulations
  • The energy transition in progress
  • Sustainability assessment of mitigation measures
  • Assessment of existing buildings
  • Energy transition & climate change - consequences for cooling-related energy demand and solar cooling
  • Digitalisation for innovation

The conference is being co-hosted by the Delft University of Technology (Urban Energy Institute and Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment) and TNO and is part of the SBE Conference Series.

The event will be hosted in-person, following Covid-19 protocols.

More information and signing up

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