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Semicon Innovation Day 2023 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

TNO is inviting key players in the Dutch Semicon market to attend the TNO Semicon Innovation Day 2023

09:30 - (CET)
TNO, Stieltjesweg 1, Delft, The Netherlands

Registration closed

In our TNO Delft facility, in the heart of our High Tech Industry developments, we will bring together technology leaders from the major semicon industry players, to discuss the semicon landscape today and to show the actual progress that has been made over the past few years, advancing innovative technologies on their path from concept towards market readiness.

From 09:30 - 18:00 hrs, you can expect a very diverse program, with top level keynote speakers and an interesting mix of demonstrations of technologies that have made it to market readiness.

Further information, as well as the detailed program of the day, will be communicated after confirmation of registration. We are looking forward to meeting you in Delft!

Program Semicon Innovation Day 2023

Tangible innovation


Walk-in and reception


Welcome and introduction by Christa Hooijer, Director Science of TNO Unit High Tech Industry

Keynote speaker Joep Stokkermans (ITEC-Nexperia)

Subject of keynote: "Let’s keep shifting the paradigms in semiconductor manufacturing!”"

The Dutch Semiconductor Equipment Industry exists through our Product Leadership position. Product Leadership is maintained by a continuous effort to innovate our technical core competences beyond their current paradigms.
For this effort, Technology Innovation is an essential differentiator, which strengthens the competitive position our of equipment. It calls for close collaboration between Research and Technology Organizations and Industry, where integral technology road-mapping is essential to align manufacturing needs with technology solutions. In my key-note, I will highlight our approach to technology road mapping, with recent examples from chip assembly and smart manufacturing, where in good architectures, less is more.

Joep Stokkermans

Demonstrations block 1

  • Fast 3D metrology,
  • EUV beam line @ TNO,
  • Quantum Sensing lab

Lunch break


Keynote speaker Arco Krijgsman (ASML)

Subject of keynote: "Innovation in lithography through public private partnerships."

by Arco Krijgsman, Head of Public Private Partnerships at ASML Netherlands B.V.

Arco Krijgsman

Demonstrations block 2

  • nm features seen through the IR-AFM
  • Acoustic sub-surface metrology,
  • Retinal imaging

Coffee break

Coffee break

Demonstrations block 3

  • Microfluidics for high performance thermal management
  • Impulse printing

Wrap up

Wrap up by Rogier Verberk

Network event

Informal network event with drinks and snacks

Delft - Stieltjesweg

Stieltjesweg 1
NL-2628 CK Delft

Postal address

P.O. Box 155
NL-2600 AD Delft