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Webinar Personalised Health: From science to market

Are you interested in developing evidence-based personalised health applications in your business to contribute to a healthier society? Get inspired by the experience of companies that already innovate with us. Join our interactive webinar for the latest scientific based developments in personalised health.

15:00 - (CET)

This webinar answers these questions:

  1. What are the latest scientific developments for putting personalised health into practice?
  2. How to come to evidence-based personalised health products and services?
  3. What are the latest trends and developments in the market of personalised health?

Let's prevent or revert lifestyle-related diseases

Public health is declining due to the increase in chronic lifestyle-related diseases. These diseases can be prevented and even reversed. However, this requires a sustainable behaviour change to be successful.

Within the Personalised Health research programme, TNO has developed new knowledge, innovative methodologies and tools to provide personalised health advice. The measurement of so-called phenotypic flexibility (challenge tests) was pioneered by TNO and still constitutes the starting point for personalised health advice. But it’s not just biology that matters. Psychology, behaviour and social context are also taken into account in order to develop the best tools and interventions for the individual. TNO’s vision on public health improvement is that a systems approach is needed, from measuring health to supporting healthy behaviour.

personalised-health (2)
Personalised health

Putting personalised health into practice

Together with various partners, we are committed to translating our acquired knowledge into applications and to putting personalised health into practice. We help partners and companies with:

  • Sense: Selecting the right (objective) and science-based measurements by assessing a person’s health status from a 360 degrees perspective;
  • Reason: Making use of a science-based model that translates data from a person’s situation into the optimal personalised lifestyle intervention and;
  • Act: Based on a person’s personality, behaviour, preferences and circumstances determine the right lifestyle support for a sustainable behaviour change to maintain health and prevent or revert lifestyle-related diseases.

If you want to learn how, we warmly invite you to join our interactive webinar for the latest scientific insights in personalised health and get inspired by the experience of companies that already innovate with us.

Suzan Wopereis

“Personalised health and lifestyle interventions taking into account your own biology, phenotypic flexibility, personality and preferences is there to stay! As applied research organisation, we help other parties how to bring these personalised health innovations, scientific understanding and consumer engagement into applications and products that help create a healthy society.”

Suzan Wopereis

Principal Scientist, TNO



By webinar host Nard Clabbers, thought leader in personalised nutrition.


  • Sarah Berry | Opening lecture: Personalised nutrition for metabolic health
  • Suzan Wopereis, TNO | From science to evidence based personalised health applications and services.


Three companies pitch their (future) product/service:

  • MixMasters: Tom Geleijnse (CEO)
  • Ancora Health: Sridhar Kumaraswamy (CEO)
  • J&J Consumer Health: Gabriele Ronnett, PhD, MD (Head of Nutritional Therapeutics & Systems Health) | Let’s take it personally
  • Round table discussion & questions

Keynote: In pursuit of Personalised nutrition - the solution on our plates.

Mariette Abrahams, PhD, MBA (CEO Qina).

Wrap up

Nard Clabbers.


  • Nard-Clabbers

    Nard Clabbers

    Thought leader Personalised Nutrition

  • Sarah-Berry

    Sarah Berry

    Scientist and lecturer in nutritional sciences

  • Suzan-Wopereis

    Suzan Wopereis

    Principal Scientist, TNO

  • Sridhar-Kumaraswamy

    Sridhar Kumaraswamy

    CEO, Ancora Health

  • Tom-Geleijnse2

    Tom Geleijnse

    CEO, MixMasters

  • Gabriele-Ronnet

    Gabriele Ronnett

    Head Nutritional Therapeutics & Systems Health, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health

  • Mariette-Abrahams

    Mariette Abrahams

    CEO, Qina

Paper Personalised Health

Do you want to put personalised health into practice and read more about solutions and organisations TNO innovates with?

Sarah Berry

"My research focuses on the influence of dietary components on cardiometabolic disease risk; personalised nutrition, postprandial lipid metabolism and food and fat structure."

Sarah Berry

Scientist and lecturer in nutritional sciences

Mariette-Abrahams (2)

"In this next phase, we will see the personlised nutrition industry coming of age. It is not only exciting, it will actually make a difference."

Mariette Abrahams

CEO, Qina

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