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World Energy Congress 2024

The Netherlands, as the host of the 26th World Energy Congress, shares a vision to humanize energy and pave new paths in global energy transitions. This legacy will continue to shape energy discussions for the next century.

10:00 (CET)

The country is actively exploring ways to accelerate the energy transition, aiming for a more sustainable and inclusive living environment. As part of this effort, the Netherlands is seizing opportunities to redesign energy systems for the benefit of people and the planet.

Visit us and meet TNO experts

You can find us at the exhibition. Our experts will provide a comprehensive picture of TNO’s work and capabilities in the field of Clean hydrogen production. We will share our knowledge encompassing the entire value chain – from groundbreaking developments in the field of energy systems down to social innovations.

Our Key Note and sessions

In the Innovation & Science section TNO organizes the following session:

AI and Digitalization

On Wednesday, April 24, from 3 to 4 p.m., the AI and Digitalization session – Pejman Shoeibi Omrani, TNO in cooperation with TUD, and EUR.

Innovation & Science

On Thursday, April 25, from 9 to 10 a.m., we will focus on orchestrating innovation in Industrial systems - Lotte de Groen, business developer Transition for Industrial Systems.

Orchestrating Innovation

Collaborating with Public and Private Partners for a Sustainable Energy Transition

Lotte de Groen: “Join us at the 26th World Energy Congress as we delve into the world of Orchestrating Innovation. Discover the power of collaboration with public and private partners in driving the energy transition towards a sustainable future. Hear from industry experts as they share their experiences, challenges, and valuable lessons in creating successful public-private partnerships. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation shaping the future of energy for people and planet. Join us and be a part of redefining the energy landscape for a better tomorrow.”

Get inspired

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Collaboration TNO and Elcogen for development Solid Oxide Electrification Technology in Europe

6 June 2024
Advancing hydrogen technologies, such as fuel cells and electrolysers, requires ongoing research and development. Therefore  Elcogen, a leading European manufacturer of technology and TNO have joined forces and will collaborate under the Important Projects of Common European Interest scheme (IPCEI))

TNO explores PFAS alternatives with European partners

17 May 2024

Reduce Europe’s dependence on Chinese wind power and electrolysers

1 May 2024

Research TNO and HCSS: Europe under pressure from Chinese advance in wind and electrolysis technology

1 May 2024

HY3+: ensuring security of supply of hydrogen network with neighbouring countries