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World Hydrogen Summit 2023

World Hydrogen Summit 2023, an open free-access event, is becoming increasingly important for the global (green) hydrogen economy. The summit offers a unique chance to meet 350+ actors, involved in the rapidly evolving hydrogen value chain.

10:00 (CET)
Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands
Free access

Packed with insights, showcases and networking activities, the Summit brings together government, research, innovation as well as private sector leaders for three full days, solely focussing on hydrogen related advancement. TNO will be a part of the 2023 World Hydrogen Summit.

Visit us at booth A16, the Dutch Pavillion

Hydrogen experts of TNO will provide a comprehensive picture of TNO’s work and capabilities in the field of hydrogen. We will share our knowledge encompassing the entire value chain – from groundbreaking developments in the field of energy conversion devices, down to the integration of water electrolysis in offshore wind, and application of hydrogen in industry and mobility.

Do not miss to visit our stand, get in touch and see whether we can cooperate in one of the following fields: renewable electricity, H2 generation (technology, materials), infrastructure & storage, system integration, P2X, H2 combustion and fuel cells in mobility & transport, safety and innovative supply chains.

You can find us at booth A16, joining RVO and other ecosystem partners in a dedicated Dutch Pavilion.

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Combining offshore wind and floating solar to reduce costs of green hydrogen

28 February 2023

The recently granted innovative research project SENSE-HUB, led by TNO, addresses the integration of various energy system modules for the Dutch North Sea. The synergies between offshore wind, offshore solar and hydrogen production at sea will be considered.

North Sea countries unite forces to accelerate offshore hydrogen production

10 February 2023

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, TNO researched the benefits of a shared approach by the North Sea countries, and how conversion into hydrogen at sea can be used to better unlock the potential of energy from the North Sea.

Breakthrough electrolyser development: 200 times less iridium needed

24 October 2022

Produced via electrolysis using electricity from the sun and wind, green hydrogen has a crucial role to play in the energy transition. Iridium is a scarce material that is presently essential to electrolysers working with the commonly used Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology.

Storage and transport of hydrogen


Hydrogen storage is essential to reduce carbon emissions. We’re developing technologies and carrying out tests on hydrogen storage and transport.

15 things you need to know about hydrogen

Hydrogen is hot. But what are the risks and consequences? What does green hydrogen mean? Find out 15 things you need to know about hydrogen.