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World Hydrogen Summit 2024

World Hydrogen Summit 2024 is the largest and most senior global hydrogen open free event world wide. The exhibition together with the Government of the Netherlands, Province of Zuid-Holland, the Port of Rotterdam and the City of Rotterdam, will partner and facilitate the official global springboard for hydrogen deals and project developments.

10:00 (CET)
Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands
Free access

Packed with insights, showcases and networking activities, the Summit brings together government, research, innovation as well as private sector leaders for three full days, solely focussing on hydrogen related advancement. TNO will be a part of the 2024.

Our Key Note and sessions

Workshop: International Power-to-X

The Workshop "Hydrogen From Innovation to Application – Research and Industry Perspectives" will bring together decision makers from industry and research. The focus is on the production and utilization of sustainable energy carriers, fuels and chemicals. We will discuss, advance and highlight the synergies between renewable power generation, H2 production and CO2 utilization.

The workshop maps the Power-to-X (PtX) landscape, highlights short- and medium-term solutions that will be implemented in the coming years and discusses different technology options and pathways for synthesizing, transporting and using sustainable synthesis products as energy carriers for transport  purposes and other industrial applications (steel industry, etc.).

  • What is the current status of the development and application of Power-to-X products?
  • What does it take to influence the Power-to-X market?
  • What are the value drivers there?
  • What are the prospects for the importing and exporting countries?

The workshop will take place on May 12, 2024 at Rotterdam Ahoy, just before the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition. It is organized by Fraunhofer ISE and TNO with the support of the Port of Rotterdam. Register here.


Lead: Lennert Buijs (TNO)
Roundtable - max 40 pers.
Invitation only
Request to:
Buijs, L.J. (Lennert) [email protected]

North Sea Energy workshop

Lead: Joris Koornneef (TNO)
Workshop and presentations
Invitation only

HEROW event

Lead: René Peters, Lennert Buijs, Suriya Venogopalan
Presentations, panel discussion
Invitation only

TNO models benchmark task HTCP (TBD)

Lead: Marcel Weeda (TNO)
Roundtable - 50 pers.
Kick off plus working group

Visit TNO experts at RVO Pavilion

You can find us at together with RVO and other ecosystem partners in a dedicated Dutch Pavilion. Our hydrogen experts will provide a comprehensive picture of TNO’s work and capabilities in the field of hydrogen. We will share our knowledge encompassing the entire value chain – from groundbreaking developments in the field of energy conversion devices, down to the integration of water electrolysis in offshore wind, and application of hydrogen in industry and mobility.

Do not miss to visit our booth, get in touch and see whether we can cooperate in one of the following fields: renewable electricity, H2 generation (technology, materials), infrastructure & storage, system integration, P2X, H2 combustion and fuel cells in mobility & transport, safety and innovative supply chains.

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