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Heat pumps for decarbonising the industry

Heat pumps are an energy efficient electrification technology which are able to replace a large share of fossil fueled industrial process heating. To accelerate the implementation and further development of industrial heat pumps, TNO, together with seven other research institutes have prepared a whitepaper outlining the current status and steps needed to realise the decarbonisation potential of this technology.

In this webinar we discuss in more detail the outcome of the whitepaper Strengthening Industrial Heat Pump - Innovation Decarbonizing Industrial Heat (pdf) to highlight the importance of Industrial Heat Pump technologies in reaching the goals of the Climate Agreement.

We show the importance of creating a level playing field in Europe for the different green technologies that can be used in the industry. We also reflect on the importance of European R&D programs on Industrial Heat and together with the audience, consider the best way to realize this.

Among the speakers are experts that contributed to the white paper, including Robert de Boer (TNO) and Benjamin Zühlsdorf (DTI); Nils Røkke from EERA; and representatives from industry.

Decarbonizing industrial heat

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