Desdemona: The ultimate motion simulator

Operations and human factors

With its multi-purpose DESDEMONA simulator TNO definitely keeps pushing the limits of motion simulation. DESDEMONA is a motion simulator, disorientation trainer and advanced research lab, all in one. This simulator – unique to the world – can be used for research, training and product testing with the simulation of complex motion critical situations that may occur during flight, driving or even sailing.

Simulating extreme and complex manoeuvres

DESDEMONA (DESoriëntatie DEMONstrator Amst) is a simulator offering an extended movement envelope. It combines a centrifuge design for sustained G-loading with five additional degrees-of-freedom, making it the ideal simulator for motion critical scenario’s in which extreme and complex manoeuvres are simulated that standard hexapod simulators cannot provide.

DESDEMONA features a centrifuge up to 3.3G, an 8 meters linear track and a 2 metres vertical heave. Its cabin with modular layout is mounted on a fully gimbaled system that is able to rotate around any conceivable axis, i.e. unlimited attitudes in yaw, pitch and roll. The DESDEMONA simulator is the result of a long-term collaboration between TNO and the Austrian company AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH.


A motion cueing algorithm translates the movement envelope of an aircraft into the less extended corresponding movement envelope of the simulator. DESDEMONA is based on Spherical Washout, our own innovative motion cueing algorithm based on the proven advantages of the conventional hexapod algorithms and Dynamic Flight Simulation.

DESDEMONA is designed for spatial disorientation research and training (basic course, advanced courses, refreshers), human movement perception and motion cueing R&D, advanced military flight simulation. This includes highly complex jet fighter motion (deep stall, inverted deep stall), helicopter operations in adverse circumstances (e.g. mountain flying, brownout landings), and upset recovery training for transport aircraft pilots. However, DESDEMONA allows for a much wider use, e.g. in military, civil and small aviation, space programmes, shipping and the automotive industry.

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