Weapon systems

Weapon systems

For a growing number of TNO’s clients, such as the Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD) and a range of stakeholders in the defence industry around the world, the sense of security is decreasing. A number of trends, including global warming, competition over resources, and the rise of nationalist reactions in many countries, lead to a growing need to invest continuously and structurally in strong and stable armed forces. This is especially true for investments in the pillar of force projection, in other words weapons systems.

Dedicated expertise

One of TNO’s specialities is assessing the battlefield performance of weapons and munition systems. In that capacity we have been advising the Ministry of Defence in terms of procurement and deployment. We also develop weapons (sub)systems in close partnership with stakeholders in the international defence industry. TNO’s product and service offering encompasses three categories:

  • Weapons system effectiveness assessment: We develop and use fit-for-purpose, high-fidelity and physics-based tools to describe and improve engagement-chain performance
  • Munition concept development: We develop and demonstrate munition (sub)system concepts in collaboration with international partners in the defence industry
  • Weapons system consulting: We provide technical support to stimulate and enhance the development of new engagement options

Development of analytical software suite

To support its product and service offering, TNO developed an extensive software suite for quantitative analysis of weapon deployment and impact, weapon assignment, and scheduling. The software suite covers the entire engagement chain for a number of weapons systems, from conventional kinetic armaments to innovative solutions including high-energy lasers.

A continuously evolving High-Energy Laser Lab

Our facilities provide complementary and supplementary capabilities and constitute the cornerstone in our services portfolio. Thus, we are currently investing heavily in our High-Energy Laser Lab to underpin the modelling activities and offer our clients high-quality and anchored competences and opportunities. Driven by client requirements and developed independently, we are convinced that this highly specialised weapons system represents the future.

The Lab, which transcends all our Weapons Systems product and service groups, conducts extensive tests on laser-target interaction to expand knowledge about the effectiveness of these disruptive weapons, as well as materials that may provide protection against laser-based warfare. Thanks to the Lab, TNO is exploring the potential of these new technologies as well as the conditions that can enhance or weaken their impact.

Innovative enabling technologies

The combination of modelling and simulation activities with access to unique experimental facilities is vital to our concept development services. TNO focuses on developing innovative enabling technologies for solutions against emerging threats, such as drones and hypersonic missiles.

Leading international stakeholder

A clear USP of TNO’s product and service groups is that TNO is an independent centre of expertise for innovative and effective weapons systems to defend and protect a free society and its citizens. Our independence, lack of industrial bias and internationally respected knowledge position are highly valued among our clients.

Furthermore, our presence in many international forums, such as NATO panels and EDA expert groups, enjoys a solid reputation in the scientific and engineering communities. Our strong, internationally recognised position as a knowledge leader in understanding the complex physics underlying the effectiveness of weapons systems and our ability to translate it into operational added value for military stakeholders puts us at the forefront of development and innovation in this very field

Razor focus on high quality and cost-effectiveness

Through the years, despite of harsh times and periods of budgetary restraint, TNO has always managed to deliver product, service and consulting solutions merging high quality and cost-effectiveness to its clients. Now, as then, we continue to do so.