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TNO is partner of ACTPHAST

ACTPHAST is a EU project, providing a unique one-stop-shop solution for supporting photonics innovation in European companies....

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Clear5G: Leading research on 5G for the Factories of the Future

With TNO as technical manager, the H2020 Clear5G project addresses the challenges of future (5G) wireless networks in industrial environments....

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Horti-BlueC - a new EU cooperation on reducing Bio-waste and CO2-footprint in horticulture

Horti-BlueC is an Interegg 2 Seas project on re-using bio-waste to produce Biochar and energy for greenhouse applications reducing the CO2 footprint....

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Preparing self-driving cars for towns and cities

Busy intersections are hard enough for people to cope with. So how do we ensure that self-driving cars can safely make their way around towns and cities in...

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Design limits for scaling up to 10 - 20 MW wind turbines

The main purpose of the European wind industry's research and development strategy is to become the competitive source of energy....

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Sustainable self-supporting urban smart grid 

In the EU project 'Sustainable Self-supporting Urban Smart Grid' (SSUSG) TNO is collaborating with partners to develop a prototype of an energy-sup...

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Intact – Climate resilient critical infrastructure

The INTACT project aims to draw together innovative and cutting edge knowledge and experience in Europe from stakeholders and experts, analyses and ......

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The impact of Aerospace Engineering

TNO forms a unique bridge between the academic world and business sector. Check out the possibilities that we offer with aerospace engineering. Learn more!...

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Modelling improvement wind turbine blades

For the design of even larger, flexible wind turbine blades the current design tools have insufficient accuracy. Recent investigations in an EU project sho...

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New EU Quantum Flagship | Quantum Computing


EU Quantum Flagship quantum computing project launched | TNO to develop spin qubit full stack demonstrator. Read the full news release....

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