Industrial carbon capture

Heavy industry causes huge carbon emissions. Carbon capture is currently the only solution to this problem. Learn how to remove, capture, recycle or store CO2 using our methods.

Capturing carbon emissions from industry

The great challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions and this can be done through carbon capture. We’re tackling this challenge, collaborating with partners on carbon capture, storage, transport, and practical use.

Our latest developments

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Award-winning excellence: CO2 capture applied

6 September 2021
How do you capture CO2 before it reaches the atmosphere? Chemical engineer Juliana Monteiro, winner of the TNO Young Excellent Researcher Award 2020, answers.

10 questions and answers about CO2 capture in industry with SEWGS technology

2 August 2021
10 questions and facts about how the steel, oil and gas industry can cheaply convert CO2 capture into blue hydrogen with TNO's breakthrough technology SEWGS.