Building a safe and efficient care building

Cure and care

Choices made when designing and furnishing a building in which care must be provided have major and long-lasting consequences. Consequences that are expressed in terms of safety, finance, patient and employee satisfaction and the ability to provide the most efficient possible care.

These are often complex multidisciplinary choices, the consequences of which cannot be easily predicted and have major financial consequences. TNO can assist you in making these choices. We can support you in translating the expected demand for care into a functional programme for (re)construction plans, by setting up the critical infrastructure, the layout and design of the ‘hotfloor’ and with our knowledge of building quality, TNO solves problems for you in the field of sustainability, energy savings, indoor climate performance and physical safety.

Translating expected demand for care into a functional programme

With the help of the models we have developed and the collected data, we can translate the expected demand for care into a suitable functional programme for the hospital. In this way, we support hospitals and public authorities in translating this demand for care (developments in the catchment area - such as demographic and epidemiological trends) into a necessary hospital infrastructure (including capital costs) and (the tendering of) new building and renovation plans along with restructuring of the regional hospital care.

Risk management for the critical technical infrastructure of care buildings

TNO can help you to set up and furnish the building and the associated facilities in such a way that they can contribute to safety and continuity whereby the possibility of providing the necessary care is as little affected as possible. We can help you set up and test the emergency power systems, medical gas and vacuum installations, air treatment and water robustness of your care building.

Assessing the building quality

Building quality is a very broad concept in which we can be of service to you in many areas. The quality can be tested and improved in the areas of sustainability, energy-saving and indoor climate performance as well as physical safety (e.g. the closed wards and separation and isolation rooms) and the structural functionality. By giving a second opinion on (re)construction plans based on the input of knowledge in the field of applicable legislation, guidelines and field standards, we can help you further with a high quality and safe care environment.